Inspiring Chicago’s Black community with restored hope,
renewed spirit, and rediscovered opportunities.

Our goal is to “re-moralize” a community demoralized by mainstream media’s preoccupation with violence in impoverished Black neighborhoods and struggling social programs that most African-American families do not use. We focus on how larger societal issues such as lifestyle, economics, politics, and taxes affect African-Americans as they affect ALL sub groups in the United States. We also highlight the community’s “victories” in business, education, and other areas that far outnumber the tragedies.

“We want African Americans to feel blessed to live in or near Chicago and to understand the
myriad opportunities this city and region have to offer. This was the promise 100 years ago
during ‘The Great Migration’ from the South. Let’s attempt to rediscover that spirit.”
—Charles Thomas
Our founder is Charles Thomas, a 45 year veteran journalist with 30 years of service in the Chicago market. He is the winner of multiple Emmy awards and for the past decade the chief political reporter at WLS-TV (ABC), Chicago’s most watched television news department and one of the most successful television stations in the United States.

Changing the Narrative of the Black Community

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